SWIGGIE at work

- the 'hands-free' water bottle alternative

Tell us - Did you ever feel you needed an extra pair of hands to help carry around all that gear as you go through your day?

How about going out for a stroll, or walking the dog(s), taking a jog, pushing the baby stroller, or touring around on your 2-wheeler - how important is it to take along a water bottle?

What if you could take water or your favourite sports drink along and not have to continuously hold it in hand or stuff it in a carry-all pouch on your belt?

What if you could bring along the liquids 'hands-free'?

Well - it now is possible with a terrific water-carrier - SWIGGIES

SWIGGIE - The 'Green' Water Bottle

What's this about staying hydrated? I don't 'work-out'.

Working out doesn't just mean doing push-ups, or running in circles around some track.

It includes all manner of physical activity.

Whenever you move, you are 'working-out'.....which also means your body is using-up fluids and is dehydrating. (think prunes - I mean, prunes were at one time, fat, well-hydrated (aka juicy) plums, right?)

Thus - 'working-out' includes all physical activity including:

  • runners,

  • bikers,

  • skaters,

  • walkers,

  • aerobics, etc.

    more about how SWIGGIES are right for kids (and big kids)

    ....and if you don't want to go the way of the prune, simply:

    Strap on a SWIGGIES onto your wrist(s).

    Immediately you will have up to 11-Oz of water or perhaps a sports drink with you as you work-out.

    5.5-Oz per wrist!

    Remember how you need to stop to uncork a water bottle and take a drink? Talk about losing your Momentum, Eh?

    What about having to lug the water bottles around - full or empty as well?

    What a pain carrying empty water bottles near the end of your Marathon, No?

    Well - there's a better way..........

    Kids swiggies

    Just Fill Them Up and GO

    Now you just fill them up with cold water.

    With one on each wrist, you have immediate access to 11-ounces of water, starting out.

    Clever, Eh?

    You have removed the risk of becoming dehydrated.

    Here's the 'and more'...........

    Each SWIGGIES weighs a half pound - the perfect amount for running without putting stress on your joints.

    When they are filled with cold water Swiggies cools your wrists and keeps you from overheating especially if they are frozen when you strap them to your wrists. Great for those hot, stifling, hazy Summer days.

    Swiggies are a great addition to any fitness wardrobe.

    Remember - Since you wear them, your hands are free to smack mosquitoes or worse, should the sudden need arise.

    4 Steps to SWIGGIE Success

    Step 1: Fill with 'pure' drinking water

    Fill it up

    Step 2: Add some Ice if you choose.

    Add Ice if you wish to

    Step 3: Here's how to strap it on your wrist (Note position of spout)

    Strap it to your wrist

    Step 4: Remove cap and take a swig

    Open Cap and Serve

    Everyone we tell about this product, wants one for themselves and their friends.

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