Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Who would ever question the need to drink water daily?

Here is what to be aware of to protect your well-being:

The drinking water we ingest must be 'good' water.

(Duck droppings should be the greatest of our concerns but who knows that is usually not the case?)

Our bodies consist of 70% water. Thus, water that is not safe and clean, will probably hurt us sooner or later.

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So - Who guarantees safe water?


Impurities exist in All water.

When do most people really think about safe water?

Usually when there is a real threat to the water supply as in the aftermath of some catastrophe such as a flood or tornado or 'spill'.

Point to note: The above picture is on the North Shore of Lake Ontario.

The picture below was taken on the shore of Lake Huron.

What does that sign say?

"Quick - Let's get out of the car and find out.....

(Go Ahead - "Walk")

Let's just stroll down to read the important message from the Medical Officer of Health...."

What's that sign say? Look closer:

OH - OH ..... Such a Warning on Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes?

and it gets worse considering it is situated above Lake Ontario (top picture).

This can happen anywhere, folks!

Perhaps even where you live?


What are We doing to eliminate the ever-growing Threats to drinking water?

Points to ponder: (some of the Topics we visit in pages that follow)

  • Did you know 'boil water advisories', if followed, can actually harm you?
  • How do you define the term "potable water"? (Hint: Water that does not contain enough impurities to kill you.)
  • A little arsenic in every glass of water is possible....even in yours. Why is this? What can you do to protect your and your Family?
  • Guess what causes heart attacks and some strokes. (It's not all that "they" are telling you.)

Here, we also:

  • explore health benefits of drinking 'good' water;
  • consider aspects you may not be aware of that can harm you, (this is only to increase your awareness, not to scare you.)
  • share with you methods of protecting your health by comparing various ways to safe-guard yourself from terrible nasties that may be lurking in your daily water routine.

The Bottom Line:

Make yourself aware of Why you must find an alternative to drinking chlorinated water NOW)

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