If you don't believe small things can move you, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.

Mosquito bites get pretty itchy. If you have any sure-fire tips on how to stop the itch, please share. Here are some of the ways that seem to be working: (no guarantees, of course.) click here

When you walk out into your backyard garden, you might not see somebody awaiting

your arrival. Oh what Joy!

(not for you, of course).  This sign does not work:

What are the odds one of these little gaffers will find You?   100%

You know of course, they breed in still water - puddles, rain barrels, on vegetation. The possible breeding sites are so numerous it is virtually impossible to empty/treat them all.

What to do?

Probably you've tried repellents, sprays, coils, mosquito candles with varying degrees of results.... mostly ineffective long-term.

Let's face it, the critters are back again tomorrow - thus - nothing has been gained in your fight for your yard.


Fool them - Mimic you

What if you had a way to mimic yourself - a living, breathing entity that would reduce the mosquito population gradually but effectively by....eating them?

As the female mosquitoes get 'eaten-up', fewer remain to lay eggs. The mosquito population dwindles.

Ahhh...nothing better than a quickly diminishing/dwindling mosquito population, Right??

Check this solution:
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