Lawsuits Involving Drinking Water

Class Action Judgement per Maryland Daily Record Dec 30/08 Edition

A Maryland Utility was assessed $54 Million in Damages for polluting ground water, since the 1960's, with Flying Ash.

What is Flying Ash?: If you reside near a coal-burning Hydro-Electric or Power generating station, you will know it is the smoke that blankets your area when the wind is in a certain direction.

Here's what "they" are careful not to tell you: Flying Ash contains a few nasty contaminants, ie: toxins and carcinogens, which include:

  • Arsenic;

  • Lead;

  • Mercury.

    In the case of this Utility, Fly Ash was actually 'parked' in near-by quarries. Over time toxins leached into the groundwater destroying pure drinking water that supplied residents' wells.

    Interestingly: the Court found this Utility engaged in deceptive practices to hide these facts from the public.

    Do you wonder if similar 'practices' occur in your area? Maybe it's time to ask some (a lot of) questions?

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