At the Tap Drinking Water is not Universal

Coimbatore - authorizes a Study... determine the feasibility of bringing 24-hour, always available, drinking water to its residents.

The town of Coimbatore , known as Manchester of South India, with a thriving textile industry, a climate that is very healthful, is an area poised for growth.

A 10-year delay has preceded action on drinking water availability utilizing water from nearby Pilloor Dam.

Two decisions remain to be finalized (August/08):

1. bring water to the edge of the city;

2. construct 10 to 20 additional water towers to handle distribution.

This will entail bringing 125 million litres of drinking water each day from the Pilloor Dam to supplement the 75 million litres/day from the existing Siruvani system.

Once accomplished, everyone will have access to uninterrupted drinking water 24-hours per day.

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