Why Home Water Treatment?

It is probably not a good idea to believe that the Government-supplied tap water is safe to drink.

Sure - when the water departs the Municipal reservoir pump house, it may be considered safe to drink. Why?

It has been loaded-up with chlorine that will kill the bacteria and germs that will make you sick....(they say)

What about eColi?
Chlorine does not affect this killer.

Worse News:

Lab results require several days to determine if eColi is present in the water. OOOPs! Too late - you already consumed that batch of water.

a little story to make the point:

I've heard it said that when you flush the toilet, the water returns to your tap within 48-hours.

Problem is - you can't be sure it's your water.

Probably you have made the important connection that you are responsible for protecting yourself.

It really doesn't matter if the water coming through your tap is piped directly from a pristine, virgin, Spring that is untouched by any pollutant.

In fact - the enemy may be in the pipes of your home. See Lead Chlorine

Municipal Tap Water has other very serious issues as explained by Dr. Joseph M. Price. Read this book - it could save your Life.

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