Home Water Treatment Options – 
Pros & Cons

Home water treatment options are varied.

Selection of the best way to protect yourself and your Family from contaminants depends on what lurks or may suddenly appear in your household water.

Careful analysis of your water should precede selection of any treatment or purification device/method.

The following highlights the strengths and drawbacks of various water treatment systems.

I was amazed to learn some of the drawbacks are not necessarily shared when one decides on a purchase.

Hopefully we can help you in making a more informed decision.

What is the Difference Between 
Water 'Treatment' and Water 'Purification' ?


That is such a great question!

You know why?

Many people think they are the same...that they are synonymous.

Nothing is farther from the truth.

Here's Why:

There are 3 ways to handle potable water:

  • Treat the water
  • Purify the water
  • Cleanse the Water

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Water Treatment Devices - for the Removal of Taste, Odour and Chemicals

The 2 functional groups of water treatment devices are those that:

  • Improve the overall taste, smell and appearance of the water or remove undesirable chemicals and minerals; 
  • Disinfect contaminated water including microbiological purification.

Let's look at some common experiences:  Click the following links to learn about:

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