Heart & Stroke Should Have Stopped
being an Issue by 1970

Heart & Stroke - the Lottery.

Every few months for the past several years, we are dazzled with enticements of valuable prizes: cash, digital cameras, automobiles, scooters, $1 Million and so on.....and so on...

"Be still my beating heart," say I when I see the adverts.

My heart used to really start beating with excitement on reading:

1 in 3 ODDS

!!! WOW!!!

Here - look at these enticements within 22-pages of an expensive, +9-colour glossy brochure delivered to every household in my/your area.

These booklets arrive every few months!!!!!!!

For the last several years or more!!

WHOA - and look at that: Promotions on TV too!

Who said there's no money in heart attacks?

Must be - or why continue these promotions?

Heart & Stroke Lottery P1 Heart & Stroke Lottery P2 Heart & Stroke Lottery P3 Heart & Stroke Lottery P4-5 Heart & Stroke Lottery P6-7 Heart & Stroke Lottery P8-9 Heart & Stroke Lottery P10-11 Heart & Stroke Lottery P12-13 Heart & Stroke Lottery P14-15 Heart & Stroke Lottery P16-17 Heart & Stroke Lottery P18-19

Question: Is it good (for) business to show YOU how to avoid heart attacks and most strokes?

Short answer: No - it is sometimes not profitable to publicize the truth.

In this case, it only costs lots of lives each year. Treating Symptoms has a whole network that would evapourate if the Cause were eliminated. Think about it!

Well - Here is Good News for You!

You can minimize the chances of having a heart attack and most strokes - by learning some simple facts. Facts that have been hidden from view (suppressed, actually) by vested interests.

  • What You must do today to stop the time clock that has been ticking inside you all these years.

  • Who are these vested interests ? (Be prepared for shocking revelations - people, entities, businesses who you have learned to trust.)

  • This information is not new! It has stood unchallenged for 30-years. No one can refute the evidence. The Environmental Protection Agency agrees.

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    Our purpose is not to cause hurt or embarrassment to all the well-meaning, generous people who feel that the best way to solve a situation is to throw as much money as they possibly can at the problem and pray for an early solution.

    Our deepest, heartfelt sympathies go out to those who have lost loved ones and dear friends unnecessarily and prematurely, in many instances, as will be shared below.

    Finding an immediate cure for heart attacks and most strokes can create substantial pain in certain peoples' wallets.

    Must be true....because the Cure has been publicly available for thirty years. That's 30 Years!

    To the point about Ethics:

    Suppose you were to learn:

  • Heart attacks and most strokes are totally avoidable in the first place?

  • Proof exists - accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency - of the real cause of heart attacks and most strokes;

  • Vested interests prefer to suppress this life-saving information that cause a few million of us to die prematurely each year in North America from heart attack and most strokes;

  • Some simple/basic changes would cause Heart Attacks and most strokes to be relegated to the back pages of History, along with the Great Plague.

    Since when is it ethical to bury this information from the general public for some 30-Years and counting??

    Why do we bother to mention it here - on a site devoted to health benefits of drinking water?

    Because the Cause of heart attacks and most strokes is more than likely in YOUR Drinking Water.

    Don't drink another drop of tap water until you read:

    EXPOSED - What you don't know can hurt you - badly!