Heart Attack
The Modern (preventable) Illness

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Ever wondered: "Why, Heart Attacks anyway?"

Looking for answers to:

  • What is the root cause of Heart Attack and most Strokes?
  • More importantly - Asking: "Is there anything I can do to minimize My risk?" (Short answer: "Yes!")

Dr. Price's newly released eBook explains how simple this can be.

Find out:

Good News! It's Not too late!

Positive action you can take NOW to reverse effects that can lead to Heart Attack.


Vital Information that continues to be suppressed +30-Years, even now, as you are reading this.

Millions die each year unnecessarily. Can You Imagine?

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How is it the 'Experts' failed to shoot down this book? - in +30-years!!

Because it is True!

Maybe you should make yourself aware of what is really happening?

Find out the link between drinking water and Heart Attacks, Coronaries and Cholesterol.

Make a note Now not to drink any water from your faucet

until you have read the book.

Here is a book that contains information that can save lives ..... perhaps even your life !.

While this 'eBook' is 1-st Edition New! - the information has been available for +30 years.

Why has this information not reached You until now?

Good Question!

Find out why millions of people are dieing unnecessarily each year in North America alone.

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Read the SPECIAL Preface from Dr. Price to This e-Book Edition.
Get the facts.


by Dr. Joseph M. Price

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Get the Facts about Heart Attacks

Get this life-saving information here, now that has been withheld for so long.

Arm yourself with Information that has not been 'discussed in media' for +30-Years..
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Find Out Exactly Why

Do you want to know the best part of the knowledge imparted in this book?

You will be able to get back to tasty food in time for the Holiday Season.

Steps You Can Take Right Away to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack and most Strokes.

One last thought -Your personal time clock has been ticking a long time.....

Information contained in this eBook, if followed, can help make sure it continues to function properly.....with no premature interruptions.

See Chapter 11.................So:

Who wants to work to avoid the premature interruption ...... of Your heart?

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