Maybe this is only water

Here is what you cannot see when looking at that glass of cool, refreshing water.



This photo is highly magnified and shows the microorganism - Cryptosporidium.

Not only is Crypto invisible to the eye, it can kill you - particularly if you are in an upper age bracket and/or with a less than perfect immune system.

Because of a heavy protective shell, this microorganism can live for long periods of time, unaffected by chlorine.

Are you aware that water testing does not immediately reveal the presence of Crypto.

As it can take several days for the test results, who knows we don't always wait a few days to drink if we are thirsty? Ouch!

The Bottom Line?

Don't wait for the Government to take action: Take responsibility for your own drinking water to ensure it is safe for your Family and you to drink.

Note the distinction between "safe" and "safe enough" to drink. The latter is the objective of your Water Utility company.


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