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We've heard it said that over 1 Billion people world-wide do not have access to clean water.

Here, we are, with clean water piped into our homes. When we turn on the tap, we expect it to flow into our glass.....and, it does!

So much we take for granted, that this safe, clean water is also used to feed us, flush our toilets, wash our cars, irrigate our precious lawns.

This page has links to organizations that are working to afford the same luxury to 1+ Billion peoples who don't, and who suffer immensely as a consequence.

In reviewing the stories, we are impacted by the need for education that can turn this problem around for many of these people.

We are amazed at the growing number of dedicated people working to help communities upgrade their water sources. More resources are required. They require our support urgently.

Please feel free to communicate with the organizations directly - Find out how You can help make a difference.

As we learn about efforts to bring water to those who have restricted access, we will list them here for your convenience:

Here is an organization dedicated to education (Watercan)

This Organization builds Wells to eliminate daily 10-KM hikes for water. (Ryan's Well)


This site has a low-tech water filter that works! (Biosandfilter)

This Organization helps get things done. (TurnOnTheTap)

Would you also, at some time, share your thoughts and actions that this web-page may have kick-started in You?

What were you motivated to do?

We'd like to devote a page to share your thoughts, as we receive them on this site. Perhaps it will help initiate another person to take a step forward. (Big doors swing on small hinges.)

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