Cholera causes severe diarrhea and vomiting. It is easily prevented by washing hands, cleaning foods and keeping drinking water away from sewage.


Zimbabwe - A grave costs $30

Zimbabwean Grave Digger

It was reported in Nov/08, Zimbabwe's health minister says a cholera outbreak has killed at least 425 people in his country since August/08.

The head of a Zimbabwean doctors' association, Zimbabwe Doctors for Human Rights chairman Douglas Gwatidzo, estimates that cholera has killed more than 800 people in the country.

Authorities in the Zimbabwe capital, Harare, are offering free graves to families of cholera victims. A grave costs $30.00 – an amount far out of reach for most Zimbabweans struggling to cope with hyperinflation of more than 200 million percent.

Cholera appears to be a direct result of drinking water supplies being contaminated by human feces being washed into shallow wells. 11,000 people are said to have been infected by cholera in recent months.

This problem is also found in neighbouring Botswana and South Africa.

There is something wrong with this: Apparently it only costs $22 to make clean drinking water available to a single person. Ryan's Well - Check the price of water on this site. What are the priorities of the country's Leaders?


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