Bottled Water:
A real option or a curse?


* Convenient to use

* Easy to store


* Unknown quantity. No regulation.

* Cost: 5-10 times more per gallon

* Empty plastic bottles or gallon jugs to landfill;

* Leaching of plastic into water...(shelf-life?)

E.G.: Perrier had benzene in it; other: cleaning solvents from machinery. Bookmark

Is Your Bottled Water Safe!

This Is A Stunning Report On Your Favorite Bottled Water.

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And Speaking About the Bottles Themselves...........

It seems like BPA is in quite a few products that come into contact with the food we eat.

Beth Daly, Staff Writer for the Boston Globe has put together Answers to questions about BPA found in some bottled water containers some time ago.

Here is an update from the FDA dated March 2013. The tip-toeing around the issue of BPA is disconcerting.

Stay away from BPA bottles is our take on this, until more is known. Clearly there are powerful and well-funded vested interests that have prevented further updates....

Here's the link: Bisphenol A (BPA): Use in Food Contact Application

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No BPA for Baby Bottles !!

It was reported earlier this month in the Washington Post that The Attorney General for Connecticut was successful in his request to 6 major chemical companies to stop selling bottles in the USA that contain BPA.

This news is good - but more should be done as substitute materials are available. We are adults longer than we are children hence our exposure will be lengthy. Instead of baby bottles, we will be ingesting this chemical from other sources.

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