Water Quality Standards

Water quality standards is this page's focus.

It is important for you to be aware of the significance of the various standards. Helps you discern the best water treatment/purification options - for your specific situation.

Caution required if your selection has not been reviewed impartially.

Price of the unit is not a reliable indicator of quality.

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National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF)

.....is an internationally recognized and respected independent testing laboratory and works in conjunction with ANSI (American National Standards Institute.

NSF/ANSI determine the health-based performance standards for drinking water treatment devices. These standards have been designed to safeguard drinking water by helping to ensure the material safety and performance of products that come into contact with drinking water.

Health-based standards:

  • NSF 60 - Drinking water treatment additives - Health effects

  • NSF 61 - Drinking water system components - Health effects

    Health-based performance standards:

  • NSF 53 - Drinking water treatment units - Health effects

  • NSF 55 - Ultraviolet microbiological water treatment systems

  • NSF 58 - Reverse osmosis drinking water treatment systems

  • NSF 62 - Drinking water distillation systems

    A cautionary note:

    A few manufacturers state that they do not have their devices seconded by a recognized independent testing lab, such as NSF International.

    Proceed with caution with any non-certified device. Such companies are shooting themselves in the foot. Without independent verification, noone can ever be sure that theirs 'is the most effective device for the stated purpose.'

    This is false economy on the part of the vendor.

    To such vendors: Do yourself a favour and get your products certified. Why?

  • Certification will help in the event of a product liability challenge

  • It's good for business.

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