Uranium Mining

December 24, 2008:

Uranium mining is being contemplated near Virginia Beach. Local residents have expressed concern for possible pollution of drinking water supplies if mining proceeds. A Study is underway and residents specifically request that impact on water supplies be included.

Perhaps this link to The News & Record article will be helpful: Alarmed Residents Take Action Major concerns include the following:

  • Will mining the uranium cause any increase in existing low (and safe) radioactivity levels? (For those downstream who source drinking water supplies, this would be important to know.)

  • In the event of an Act of God (catastrophic storm, as can occur), what is the feasibility of an environmental clean-up?

  • How will the mining operation generally and specifically affect downstream basins/reservoirs?

  • What is the plan for safe handling/disposal of mine tailings?

    Clearly, the time to consider these issues is before the environment is changed.

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