Perchlorates have been in use for several decades in medicines to treat Thyroid gland issues

There are 2 compounds with interesting non-medicinal uses:

  • Potassium Perchlorate: is used in flares, fireworks;

  • Ammonium Perchlorate is an oxidizing agent in rocket fuel.

    Perchlorates are found in Nature, in accumulations, mainly identified in arid areas such as the Southwest United States.

    That said, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tells us that perchlorates have been detected in the drinking water in at least 35 States, including California and Massachusetts.

    Perchlorate is also found in lake water......think about that next time you watch a fireworks display.

    The EPA is actively seeking data relating to perchlorate in drinking water to establish standards of safety.

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    CDC Study 2006

    The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study in 2006 on the relationship of low doses of perchlorate and the human thyroid hormone levels.

    Click here to review the study on how women can be affected: Thyroid Alert

    FDA Information on Perchlorate

    This is an interesting study to be aware of particularly of reports of harmful health effects.

    For additional information, the FDA has posted Frequently Asked Questions on Perchlorate. Click here: FDA Perchlorate FAQ's Interestingly - there is no requirement for water bottlers to test for perchlorates.....according to the FDA.

    Clearly, one must be proactive in treating one's drinking water oneself and not rely on others.