The Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnets mimic us by producing vapour that attracts mosquitoes.

Two styles are available in Canada. One is cordless as it is battery-operated, one has an electrical cord.

Our Story:

Several years ago we were approached by people living near ravines who were unable to fully enjoy their beautiful tree-lined gardens and flowing brook. The Properties were substantial with picture-perfect landscaping.

One Small Problem: (actually many) The resident mosquito population.

We located Mosquito Magnets for them and can do the same for others.

To make them available, this page was created.

Here is how they work:

Mosquito Magnet traps work by attracting and capturing mosquitoes and other biting insects that are breeding in yards. Natural mosquito repellents are only a short-term solution and mosquito zappers are an ineffective outdoor mosquito control.

The Mosquito Magnet traps are a leading long-term solution scientifically proven to safely and effectively control mosquitoes.

It Starts Working Immediately

  • Propane is converted to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) mimicking human breath;
  • An attractant is used to enhance the lure
  • Mosquitoes follow the plume of attractant and CO2 - thinking it is human prey
  • Drawn in by the trap's CounterFlow™ Technology, mosquitoes are captured by the net
  • Trapped mosquitoes dehydrate and die within 24-hours

The Mosquito Magnet is designed to run continuously

(24 hours / 7 days a week)

to protect you around-the-clock.

Mosquito Magnets and Supplies are available right here:

Patriot Canada

comes with a 50-Foot A/C power cord.   

$ 445.00*

Independence Canada


is cordless, meaning that it can be placed on trails, in remote areas where electrical power is not easily accessible.     

$ 859.00*

The EPA registered Mosquito Magnet R-Octenol is a secondary attractant that mimics human breath, drawing mosquitoes and biting insects to the trap. Attracts most mosquito species including salt marsh mosquitoes, as well as no-see-ums and Black Flies.

It will lure biting insects to the Mosquito Magnet trap where they are captured, then dehydrate and die. 

$34.95*/ Package of 3.  

The Mosquito Magnet QuickClear Cartridge should be used after every tank-change for optimal trap performance. Without this proprietary feature, the nozzle might be prone to clog due to contaminants in the propane. It is also recommended for use before seasonal storage to avoid build-up of contaminants during the off-season.

$17.95*/ Package of 3.

* Taxes and Shipping calculated at check-out.

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