What is Lead?

Lead is a mineral found in natural deposits.

It is rarely found in source water.

What's the connection if lead is not found
in 'source' water?

Lead is used typically in plumbing and water service pipes in households. It is an excellent binder of pipe joints whereby water cannot escape.

As household plumbing corrodes over time, Lead typically leaches into the tap water. Up until ~1986 lead pipes, solder and fixtures were the basic components of the home's plumbing system.

Improvements started to become prevalent with legally “lead-free” plumbing.

CAUTION: Up to 8 percent lead is permitted only because solder is still required to connect brass or chrome-plated brass faucets and fixtures.

Significant amounts of lead can still leach into the water, particularly hot water.

How can Lead affect us?

Adverse Health Effects of the very Young include:

  • Delays in physical and mental development;
  • Slight deficits in attention span; abilities to learn.

In adults, over long periods of time:

  • Kidney problems
  • High blood pressure.

Who would have thought....? It isn't an instant thing. It sneaks up on you as you age. Terrible, Terrible.

Here is an example of what Society can look forward to:

Irish EPA issues legally binding Direction to Galway RE: Lead Contamination

The challenges of older water systems becomes more evident as more focus is placed on water testing.

For example, the EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement issued a legally binding ‘Direction’ to Galway City Council (Ireland) due to excessive lead levels found in drinking water. The level of lead found in testing was 106 micrograms per litre (μg/l). (Drinking Water Regulations standard is 25 μg/l.)

Apparently the cause of the failure was a lead service pipe and water main to the house where the test was taken. Interestingly, from the date notification was made, July 30, 2008, it required a directive by the EPA to report the extent of the problem and propose remedial action by Oct 15th, 2008.

What we need to be aware of is this situation is not unique to Galway. Nor is the apparently lengthy reaction time by Governments. In fairness, steps are being taken to provide good drinking water to identified residents as this is being written……..BUT the area involved has a water system dating back to the 1970’s! and it is quite probable that it consists of more than one lead pipe.

That said, fellow readers, it is another glaring example that if you do not take steps to purify city water yourself, you become the filter. Don’t wait for the Government to do it for you."

Click here for the Press Release: #link_2231104

I'm not making this up folks. This is serious stuff.

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