Have you ever noticed the smell of bleach?

You know - that concoction you add to your washing machine load to make the whites whiter?

Bleach is simply chlorine diluted with water.

Remove the bottle cap and you will be greeted by a very acrid smell. (That's the chlorine vapour.) DO NOT INHALE when you perform this task.

Now, have you noticed that same chlorine smell when you are in the shower?

Sometimes it can be really noticeable - especially during the Summer months.

When you breathe-in, you are getting a LARGE (not good) dose of hydrochloric acid into your system.

What's the connection?

Apart from it's ability to bleach laundry, chlorine oxidizes everything it comes in contact with.

It is the #1 oxidizer.

Chlorine also reacts with organic material in water to form disinfection byproducts that have proven adverse health effects.

So - how do you like drinking bleach?

If you drink water that has been chlorinated, ie: tap water, or chlorine-treated water, you are, in fact, drinking bleach!!

Bleach is not something you should be ingesting.

Chlorine is typically used as a disinfectant. This is one of the main reasons why water can taste and smell bad.

For those who have swimming pools, they know chlorine is used to kill bacteria etc....

There is a process called 'shocking the pool' that is required typically once a week. A huge dose of chlorine is dumped in to attack any baddies (microbes and such) that may have survived the 'normal' chlorine doses. Swimming in the pool should be avoided for a day or 2 following the 'shock-treatment'.

Similarly, your Municipal water utility 'shocks' the water supply for the very same reason.

Unfortunately, there are some serious side-effects that over time will shorten life-spans. Read the proof in Dr. Joseph M. Price's eBook. It is a 'must read'.

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Important Action You Must Take For Your Well-Being

If you remember one thing from this page - make sure you remember this:

If you presently rely on chlorinated water for drinking, you should find another source of drinking water NOW. Follow these easy steps:

Step # 1: Safe to drink, non-chlorinated drinking water is as close as your corner Convenience Store or Supermarket.

Step # 2: You can decide later whether to continue purchasing safe, non-chlorinated water or producing it yourself less expensively with home water filtration or purification devices.

Why this warning?

Over 30-Years ago, a book was written on how chlorine acts on our bodies based on actual case studies. Truth can be very unpopular which is doubtlessly why you may not have heard about these simple experiments that are more true today than when they were conducted, originally. Click Here to find What and Why You are not being told the Proven Facts about Chlorine:

Chlorination vs Crypto? Probably NOT the effective solution

It was recently reported that an outbreak of Cryptosporidium caused Ignacio, Colorado pool officials to shut-down their pool and spa as someone contracted this terrible disease.

Reason for the closure was to let the chlorine level return to normal after they had 'shocked' the pool with double the amount of chlorine.

Closing the pool for this reason is absolutely correct.

The CDC confirms that Crypto is unaffected by chlorine. This parasite can live for several days in chlorine, unaffected and ready to strike.

Interestingly, the officials denied that the disease came from their water.

The CDC points out on its website that crypto originates in the intestines of warm-blooded animals naturally (Yes - we are included).

It can easily get into the water - and not necessarily because of an 'accident'.

Improper hand-washing or poor personal hygiene could be the cause.