Benefits of Drinking Good Water

For so many reasons, the benefits of drinking good water is simply that we can survive. Good water is taken for granted - yet more and more we are finding out that it can't be.

Areas of the world that had abundant water, are experiencing less. The opposite is true too.

This page, however, focuses on effects on our bodies that good drinking water has.

Additionally we will explore other 'sources' of drinking water that do not come out of a water supply system. (tap, well, stream, lake etc.)

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The benefits of drinking good water affects us positively. For example, here is what water does:

  • Makes up the majority of every cell in our body;

  • Is the biggest part of our blood and lymph systems;

  • Flushes our kidneys to get rid of toxic matter;

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    Want to know a quick way to tell if you are getting enough water into your system?

    Check the colour of your urine. Normally it is a light-yellow-tinted colour.

    A sign of mild dehydration is dark yellow or amber coloured. The kidneys tend to conserve water and your urine will become concentrated.

    Solution: Start drinking fresh, purified water sooner than later.

  • Balances our electrolytes to help control our blood pressure;

  • Moistens our mouth, eyes and nasal passages;

  • Keeps body cool when it's hot and insulates it from the cold;

  • acts as a shock absorber to cushion the body’s organs and joints;

  • provides many of the trace minerals our bodies need, such as cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese.

    Bottom Line: Water is the single most important nutrient that the body takes in.

    How water Improves Your Health and Improves Your Well-Being

  • Water helps maintain blood volume, which maintains your energy.

    Did you know? A 4% loss in blood volume reduces the body's capacity to perform functions by 1/3!

  • Proper hydration improves your concentration and reaction time, especially during exercise.

  • Cold water increases the number of calories you burn during regular daily activities.

  • Water dilutes and disperses medicine, allowing it to act more quickly and effectively.

  • Water helps prevent the stomach distress concentrated medicines can cause.

    Quotes from the American Dietetic Association Studies:

    show links between high water consumption and a reduced risk of:

  • colds

  • kidney stones

  • breast cancer

  • colon cancer

  • urinary tract cancer

    Water Makes You More Attractive

    Did you know water reaches the skin last?

    If your body doesn’t get enough water, your skin will feel the effects more than any other organ.

    Water hydrates the skin, leaving it:

  • smoother
  • softer
  • more supple
  • more wrinkle-free

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    Water Helps You Lose Weight

    Did you know many of us mistake thirst for hunger pangs?

    What do we do? Easy - we go ahead and eat snacks when our bodies are actually thirsty!

    So drink up – it will help you feel full, lessening your desire to eat.

    Studies also show that drinking enough water may:

  • Give you more energy during exercise;

  • Cold water will increase the calories you burn during exercise;

  • Help your body reduce fat deposits.


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    WHAT Happens When Water Loss is....??

  • 1 % ..... We get a little thirsty

  • 5 % ..... Get a slight fever

  • 8 % ..... Our glands stop producing saliva and our skin turns blue

  • 10% ..... Our tongue swells, Kidneys fail and Muscles spasms

  • 20% ..... Skin cracks , Organs stop working....> DEATH.

    Now that sums up the importance of drinking water.

    Humans can go for weeks without food...but only a few days without water.

    In fact in warmer climates, we expire faster because perspiration causes us to lose water even faster.

    Don't worry: if you are not getting enough water - your body will inform you.

    Quick Quiz: How much Water is in these Foods?

  • Lettuce

  • Meat

  • Cheese

  • Bagel

  • Butter

  • Milk Powder

  • Oil


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